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Oil  Marketing Company SOMO , one of the most important companies in the Iraqi oil sector , It is the only official company legally  authorized  to negotiate conclude Iraqi laws crude oil sales contracts as well as oil products contracts in accordance with international standards .
For reference : SOMO'S certificate of incorporation is registered under number 156 in 25th June , 1998.
What is our work?
Oil Marketing Company SOMO is Specialized in the Marketing of Iraqi Crude oils like Basrah Light and Kirkuk crude through the export terminals such as (Basrah, Khor AL-Amaya and Ceyhan   terminals).
Oil Marketing Company SOMO is also working of the export of Fuel oil product and some of the surplus products of local consumption needs and it provides their consumers of the Kerosene, Gasoline, LPG and Gas oil according to the local markets needs. 

Below is a list of the names and periods in office of SOMO`s successive Executive Directors and/or Director Generals;                



                                                                  From                               Until               

1- Dr. Ramzi Salman Abdulhussain         1972                               March / 1991        

2-Mr . Adil Hason                                March/1991                     October /1991 

3- Mr. Fadhil Ali Othman    *                  October /1991                     March /1994         

4- Mr. Saddam Zebin Alhassan              October /1994                  July/2001             

5- Mr. Ali Rejab     *                              July/2001                         October/2002       

6- Mr. Rafid Abdulhaleem                     October/2002                   March/2003         

7- Mr. Mohammed Al-Jubori                 June/2003                         October/2003       

8- Mr. Shamkhi Huwait Faraj                 October/2003                   July/2004             

9- Mr. Dhia Shamkhi Albakaa                July/2004                         June/2005             

10- Dr. Mussab Haasan Al-Dujayli  *       June/2005                         March/2006          

11- Dr. Falah Jasim Alamri                   March/2006                     September/2017       

12- Mr. Alaa K.Alyasri *                              September/2017      


(*) Acting Director General